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Boon Duggy
1960 4 Seater
1500cc Dune Buggy

Well, I have always wanted a dune buggy to go with my sand rail. It has been a great past time to keep me busy during the winter months when things kinda lock down because of the weather. So, I rent a shop with a good friend and we build a good fire and 2 years later, there it is. Great fun. After finishing it for our vacation, I can't get my wife out of it. Her and the grandkids, when they visit, love driving all over the place, hence the name that our grandkids call it, Boon Duggy.

On Oct. 1998, I purchansed this 1960 Buggy, which I found out was an uncommon 4 seater (standard VW pan) for $100, what a deal.

It had a 1500cc motor (strong) which is the only thing I kept, except for the sterring wheel.

I totally stripped it down and started at ground zero. I still have some things I am going to do but it was driveable so off we went. I finished it for our vacation in Sept. 1999

Before - Floor
Before - Front
Before - Rear

After - Front
After - Side
After - Top View

Pictures of the 1st trip - Vacation in Yosemite Valley for a week, while stopping in Stockton, Ca. for a visit with my parents. 1 week=1077 miles with no problems!!!!! This is FUN
Pictures with my Dad

Pictures with my Mom

Gallery Page 2002
Gallery Page 2003
Gallary of Redo of Interior,Roll Bar and Engine Cage

New Buggy Project

Susanville Dune Buggy Club
New pictures with the new flame paint job. Also the trailer I built to match the "Boon Duggy".

Side view with trailer
Rear view showing old Dilly trailer
Rear view showing trailer fender and flame job
Nice view
Close view of fender on trailer
Of Course, pictures of the grandkids
Of Course, pictures of the grandkids

Rusty's 74 Westy

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